10 NFT Scams: How Do I Avoid Rug-Pull?

One of the most popular ecosystems of the last few years, NFTs have been scammed a lot. 10 What should we do to avoid being scammed by NFT scams and NFTs?

According to the news of the data and analytics platform DappRadar, the important points are;

Founding Team; When purchasing items from an NFT collection or participating in a pre-sale, you should research the founding team. The social media accounts of the collection, the founders Likedln accounts review it carefully. The actual presence of the team is always from an anonymous team. it is safer.

Project website; You need to examine the website thoroughly. in an amateur way typos An NFT collection that contains it is more likely to be a scam.

Number of followers of social media accounts; It is necessary to pay attention to whether the followers are bots or not. More on a project’s Discord account than its Twitter follower Don’t be a bot if there are too many people there is a possibility.

Blockchain; Blockchain system is a traceable system as it is known. With DappRadar’s NFT Explorer app track purchase histories you can.

10 NFT Scams


Ethereum-based NFT collection is the biggest NFT of 2022 It’s one of the scams. Although this project has been trusted by many, 1.1 million dollars stolen. Project; promised tokens, rewards and a game to be released. The owners of the project closed both their Discord and Twitter accounts at the same time after the sale.

2-Bored Bunny

in total $21 million stolen projectAfter making the whole sale, the project owners got lost after the base price fell continuously.

3-Big Daddy Ape Club

One of the biggest scams of Solana Blockchain, collection people 1.3 million stole dollars. Since all monkey-themed projects received high attention, this project rose as well and people became like never before. Mint the NFT collection sent money for

This collection was endorsed by decentralized endorsement company Civic.


The collection of the company, whose team is anonymous, sold out in a short time and the developer team 1.9 million stole dollars.


NBA basketball player De’Aaron Fox 6000 pieces from the NFT collection 1.5 million dollars made money and subsequently removed the NFT collection from the market.


Despite its advertisements on major websites, this project turned out to be rug-pull. Everything connected to the project was deleted and the team, With $760,000 got lost.

7-Baller Ape Club & Evolved Apes

The two developers of the project in total $4.7 million rang. The project team disappeared, deleting accounts on all social media platforms.

8-Eternal Beings

8 million The collection, which reached its Twitter followers, was sold out in a short time. NFTs of famous rapper Lil Uzi 2.5 wither offered for sale, but currently for $0.035 It is trading at a close price.

9-Doodled Dragons

1.5 The owners of the project, which was put up for sale from Solana, said that they will donate all the proceeds to charity. However, the account that he shared was sent after his own account appeared. $30,000 took it and ran away.

10-Doodle Apes

The owners of this project in the BSC network charged fees to repeatedly mint unused NFTs. Its founder is alleged to have been involved in fraud before.

10 NFT Scams: How Do I Avoid Rug-Pull? The article named was prepared by Akın Akalın and published on koinbulteni.com.

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