1 Woman 1 Man Returns!

Demet Evgar announced that the once-loved TV series 1 Woman 1 Man will return. The famous actress, who gave life to the character of Zeynep, also shared a video from the new episodes of the series.

Starring Demet Evgar and Emre Karayel 1 Female 1 Male It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the most popular productions in Turkish television history. The sitcom series, which started its broadcasting life in 2008, focused on the funny events experienced by a couple named Zeynep and Ozan.

Now, after 8 seasons in 2015, there has been a development that will make the fans of the series very happy. Demet Evgar, who gave life to the character of Zeynep, shared a post on Twitter. that you are back explained.

Demet Evgar announced that 1 Female 1 Male will be back soon and shared a teaser from the series.

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