$1 Trillion Estimate for Metaverse from Largest Asset Manager Grayscale

Grayscale, the world’s largest asset manager with 44.1 billion dollars managed, mentioned in the report that the “Metaverse” market will soon exceed 1 trillion dollars and that it can compete with today’s digital giant companies.

in his possession $36.6 billion Grayscale, the world’s largest in its field with bitcoin and other assets, discussed Metaverse in its report. The company said that the Metaverse market is still taking shape, that as a result of its current momentum, it will reach a value of $ 1 trillion in the future and will compete with Web 2.0 companies with a market value of $ 15 trillion currently.

Web 2.0 has changed how, where, when and why we use the internet. However, the products, services we use and the companies we prefer have changed. This has caused us to change our business models, understanding and policies. Metaverse has the potential to do the same.

Grayscale Research Manager David Grader and Research Specialist Matt Maximo In the report prepared by 2025 in the year 400 billion dollars is within reach.

since the beginning of 2020 “active wallet” number of users by analyzing data grow 10 times and as of June 2021 around 50,000 detected that.

Grayscale ”The Metaverse is still in its infancy, but if the current growth rate continues at the same rate, it will be in the coming years. has the potential to become mainstream.” commented.

Mentioning that the technologies we see in the current crypto world are included in the Metaverse, Grayscale explained in his statements that for the method used in scenarios where users will pay, “The economy platform that uses its own crypto money such as Decentraland (MANA) or on which single-layer cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Solana) are built.” mentioned as. It also announced NFTs, decentralized finance, governance tokens and storage services.

The example shown in the report for Web 3.0 was Decentraland. The definition and content of Decentraland was mentioned in detail. In addition, in the report that online-based communities are discussed in 3 different periods, Netscape for Web 1.0 connects us (online communities) to the internet, Web 2.0 Facebook connects us to online communities, Web 3.0 Decentraland connects us to the virtual world of online communities.

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