1. FC Nürnberg – Dovedan: “I’m not interested in my critics” – 2. Bundesliga

He can still score goals!

287 days after his last goal (in the 2: 3 against Fürth) Nikola Dovedan (27) saved the club a point yesterday in Regensburg (2: 2)!

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Now the Austrian is talking about …

… his goal: “I haven’t thought much about it. I saw that the goalkeeper was gone, so the best thing to do was to shoot up. “

… the cheers from Manuel Schäffler: “Boss was a little over-motivated. The boy has too much strength. Many teammates were happy for me because it was about time I scored another goal. “

… his critics: “I’m not interested in them. These are people who express their opinion. Criticism is okay as long as it’s not personal. But that didn’t bother me much last year, even less this year. I’m just getting older, more mature and wiser. “

… his position: “I was brought in for the ten and the storm and not for the right wing. You can now see that my focus is more on my qualities. With Mats Möller Daehli we have a player who plays a lot like me. That makes it difficult for the opponents to calculate. “

… the training crash with Lino Tempelmann last week: “My lip had to be sewn – eight stitches on the outside, ten on the inside. I don’t think Lino has that good control of his head. He is welcome to continue using it at goals, but a little less during training. “

… the next opponent Rostock: “This is a team that gets a lot out of the fight and second balls. If we play like we did in Regensburg, then we can win. “

… the seasonal goals: “Now at the beginning of the season it is important to collect points. We have to make sure that we get stuck up after ten to twelve game days. Then everything is possible. “