1. FC Köln: Baumgart’s team rule: Duke allowed, but my nickname is taboo! – Bundesliga

Cologne’s trainer private. In BILD, Steffen Baumgart (49) talks about “flat sharing” with his daughter, his favorite dinner, his football field philosophy and he reveals how he celebrated his first victory in Cologne.

BILD: Mr. Baumgart, have you already rewarded yourself for starting in Cologne?

Baumgart: “For my first Cologne win, I gave myself a bottle of Hibiki whiskey.”

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BILD: That is a small investment! Is it just for you?

Baumgart: (laughs) “Nah! At the beginning of the week I went to my regulars’ table in Paderborn and drank the bottle with my boys. I celebrated my first Paderborn victory with them when I was living there in the mill. We all got to know each other there. “

BILD: You live with your daughter in Cologne. Can dad be cooked there?

Baumgart: “No. My daughter has enough to do herself. Why should she cook for me? “

Family man – also at FC: Baumgart with his wife Katja and daughters Fiona (left) and EmiliaPhoto: Andreas Pohl

BILD: So cook yourself …

Baumgart: “Under no circumstance. I can not cook. I don’t even want to. “

BILD: Not even a fried egg?

Baumgart: “That’s not cooking. But I don’t even do that. “

BILD: But?

Baumgart: “A nice sandwich with sausage, cheese, and there is also a beer. That’s a great dinner. Actually the best you can have. “

BILD: And do you watch football on TV?

Baumgart: “Alone? Very seldom. I also don’t go home earlier to be there on time for the national team kick-off. Perhaps that runs on the side. “

BILD: Isn’t that what you have to do as a Bundesliga coach?

Baumgart: “It feels like all coaches watch five games a day. I do not need that. I don’t have to deal with soccer every minute of my life. There are games that I find interesting. I prefer to watch them with friends. “

BILD: Is it true that your daughter was in Cologne before you signed with FC?

Baumgart: “Yes, she was here before me because she is doing her master here. And she definitely wants to stay longer in Cologne, regardless of me. “

BILD: And you?

Baumgart: “I don’t plan to go either. But I don’t decide that alone. There have already been coaches here who have been promoted to the Bundesliga and were sacked anyway. You can’t plan that. “

Trainer alternative? I would probably be a seller

BILD: Is that a burden or is it taken lightly?

Baumgart: “Easily by no means. But it is part of it. That is why it is crucial for me that I can keep coming back to the city where I work. I don’t want to leave a scorched earth here. “

BILD: And what would you be today if it hadn’t worked out as a coach?

Baumgart: “There was no real alternative, I always wanted to be a coach. I would probably be a seller somewhere. “

BILD: How much of the offensive, spectacular football you like do you already see?

Baumgart: “Much. Most of all, I want the guys to rip their asses off and fight. They do. And I want her and the fans to have fun. Why did you have fun on the football field in the past? But because of the gates! The games ended 9: 8 or 11:10. And everyone went home happy. “

BILD: This is the opposite of the safety kick last season …

Baumgart: “The approach was more defensive, but it didn’t bring any security. So I say to myself: If I get 60 goals but score 50 at the same time, then we’ll all have more fun. Or not?”

BILD: You have a very direct manner. Have you ever been infected by that?

Baumgart: “No, because I am never abusive or derogatory. We are athletes, and the language is sometimes coarse. When I yell, it’s because it makes sense and because I point out solutions or improvements to the guys. But not to tell them what crap they did. If my trainer used to shout that I played a bad pass instead of showing me a solution, then I immediately shouted back: ‘I can see that for myself’. “

Baumgart doing his daily training work.  His players are allowed to use him

Baumgart doing his daily training work. His players are allowed to use himPhoto: Andreas Pohl

BILD: What if a player said that to you today?

Baumgart: “Then he doesn’t want to see me in the cabin afterwards.”

BILD: Are the players allowed to yell at you?

Baumgart: “No.”

BILD: Duzen?

Baumgart: “They are allowed to do that, I have given them up to you. You are just not allowed to call me by my nickname. “